Discover the essence of Kisarazu
urban fishery and agriculture city with traditions

It is not only Mitsui Outlet Park and Umihotaru's 360° panoramic view that attract domestic and international tourists in Kisarazu.
Go further than these two major attractions, then you will discover totally different elements of the city.
Fishery experience programs on Tokyo Bay area of fruit picking in the mountain side, Geisha dance performance and Japanese traditional cuisine in central area...all of those are available in Kisarazu, which is accessible with less than 1hour journey from central Tokyo.
Good access from the capital of Japan, the Tokyo metropolitan area and the international airports Narita and Haneda .
The best spot in Japan for viewing Mt. Fuji.
Fully enjoy the various experiences and variety of food which highlight the natural environment.
Kazusa DNA Research Institute, Nippon Steel Kimitsu and other steel related industries have expanded the biotechnology industry.
The development of a new shopping center and a residential area progresses and continues to grow.
Popular also as a location for movies, TV dramas, and commercials.
Stories of love and famous places abound, new love is born.

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