Mt. Fuji
The highest mountain in Japan is Mt. Fuji. It has been loved by many Japanese since olden times and because of it many faiths have been brought together.
The east side faces Tokyo Bay and Kisarazu has the best spot for viewing Mt. Fuji.
Please totally enjoy the view of Mt. Fuji from Kisarazu!

The view of Mt. Fuji from Kisarazu

About “Diamond Fuji”

The moment the sun rises and shines on the top of Mt. Fuji and the setting sun sinks, we can see a glorious diamond glittering.This phenomenon is called “Diamond Fuji”.
This spectacle can be called natural art.

Mt. Fuji viewing spot

Banzu tidal flat

The Obitsu river-mouth tidal flat with its abundant life is a natural treasury for the Tokyo metropolitan area. Here we can encounter various wild birds and plants with the scenery of the natural tidal flat. For Japan these shores are exceptionally unusual.

No. 2 Neighborhood Park
This park is on the waterfront of a new town called “Kazusa Aqua City” in the Kisarazu Kaneda area. It will be improved as part of the Tokyo Bay Aqua-Line shore and a new link to Chiba Prefecture.

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